Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpreting Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

I am a qualified conference interpreter trained to EU standards and a TAIEX-approved and accredited European Commission conference interpreter in Turkish. I provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in the following settings:

  • Inter-governmental meetings
  • Prime Ministerial and Ministerial meetings
  • Summits
  • European Union acquis seminars
  • Press conferences
  • International meetings on economic and strategic cooperation
  • Panel speakers
  • Media
  • Sales meetings
  • Leadership skills development courses
  • Automobile launches
  • Fashion and seasonal collection displays
  • Court depositions
  • Award ceremonies
  • And many more...

Since emigrating to Turkey in late 2012, I have teamed up with Turkey’s foremost interpreters. Working together with members of AIIC and the Turkish Conference Interpreters Association as well as other highly qualified and experienced interpreters, I am able to offer your organisation the very best Turkish interpreters for conferences, business meetings, training sessions and much more.

As a business, court and conference interpreter with 30 years’ experience myself, I already have extensive knowledge and a clear understanding of the interpreting market. Now, with my team of interpreters, we can offer you greater scope for a superb interpreting service with the most reliable and competent Turkish interpreters for any project at competitive rates.

I am a skilled organiser and can provide you with a single interpreter or arrange teams of interpreters to meet your precise needs. Whether you need a Turkish interpreter to provide interpreting and guidance services for a delegation on a multi-location mission to Turkey or 10 Turkish conference interpreters for an assignment in Europe, I will meet your requirements at short notice.

Customer satisfaction has always been my top priority. With this in mind, my aim is to provide you with a five-star Turkish language service, using only the very best Turkish/English/Turkish interpreters, always exceeding your requirements.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your requirements in more detail or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to working with you to our mutual benefit.

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