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FCIL, FITI, CL (Interpreter), DipTrans IoLET
Getting your message
across globally involves
cooperation with the
best linguists.
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Becoming an expert
intense study, many
years of practice and a
lifetime of commitment.



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In international arbitration
cases, working with
world-class translators
and interpreters

is of the utmost importance.
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Interpreters give you a
voice to communicate
in your clients’ marketplace
– give your product a proper
and accurate voice to
make it global!
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The success of
international meetings
at the UN and EU
depend on the work
of top international
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Foreign policy making would not be complete
without professional linguists.
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In the 21st century
communication really
is the key to success – which
is why the most successful
and profitable companies
around the world always work
with the best linguists.
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In English law, a defendant is
tried according to the spoken word.

If that word is translated,
it had better be accurate!
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Choose your
interpreters well
and you will be
richly rewarded.
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Going for the cheapest translation quote is like buying
the cheapest car on the market.
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It is easy to save money on
a translation. So is losing
your reputation.
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At the end of the day, you may not be rich enough to waste
your chance of success by leaving your brand and products
in the hands of cheap and unqualified translators.
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Let your unique
product shine in
foreign markets
with the help of
high quality
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Using your foreign language
speaking employees may not
help you succeed in foreign
markets; you need the support
of the best professional
translators and interpreters.
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An excellent
translation of a
sales brochure
is priceless.
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The result of working with highly qualified linguists
is the stuff of every CEO’s dream:
better communications, improved business relationships, new
business opportunities, greater confidence in business communications,
and ultimately, greater success in export markets.
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The high quality and brand image of your
company and products are defined by the original marketing text
to reflect your ethos; an excellent translation
will convey this message into other languages and cultures,
a poor translation will damage your brand.

An introduction to Yılmaz Düzen

I am a vetted, accredited and approved Turkish interpreter and translator to:

  • European Commission
  • International arbitration courts
  • Police, courts and criminal justice agencies in the UK and Turkey
  • British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey (BCCT)
  • British, European and Turkish corporations
  • FIFA, UCI, Formula 1, Olympics and other global sporting events
  • Global press and media organisations

I am registered as a Chartered Linguist (Interpreter), professionally trained to EU interpreting standards and accredited by the following professional bodies in the UK:

  • Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) – Fellow
  • Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) – Fellow
For further information

Yılmaz Düzen

Yılmaz Düzen
FCIL, FITI, CL (Interpreter), DipTrans IoLET.
Turkish Interpreter & Translator

Language Services

International Arbitration Courts
International Arbitration Courts

Arbitration hearings are stressful settings that require the very best interpreters ...

Business and Finance
Business and Finance Interpreting

I am an academically qualified, professionally trained and very experien...

Conference Interpreting
Conference Interpreting

I am a qualified conference interpreter trained to EU standards and a TAIEX-approved and accredited ...

Public Service Interpreting
Public Service Interpreting

I have provided high-quality Turkish interpreting services to courts, police, probatio...

Expert Witness Services
Expert Witness Services

I am a fully trained, joint expert witness in the criminal justice system in England and Wales, which means ...


I am a very highly qualified Turkish/English/Turkish translator of international repute. I am the holder of ...


I have extensive experience of proofreading, revising and editing translations between Turkish and English.

Certified Translation / Legalisation
Certified Translation / Legalisation

The certified translation package that I offer includes the translated document ...

Medical Interpreting
Medical Interpreting

Since 1997, I have worked regularly as a simultaneous interpreter for international medical congresses and at ...

Other Services
Other Services

Transcription, Telephone Interpreting, Subtitling, Interpreter Training, Teaching Translation, Examination Serv...


Professional Interpreting

There are relatively few professions in the world that can cause unimaginable damage to your company, brand and products if the delivered service is considered substandard and incompetent. Interpreting can be one of them. In many cases a buyer of a poor quality linguistic service is not aware of a problem until a client or consumers react, and by then, it is too late.



As a Chartered Linguist, Fellow of CIOL and Fellow of ITI, all my work is carried out under their respective Codes of Professional Conduct.

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As a condition of my Chartered Linguist registration, I am committed to Continuing Professional Development.

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I provide many different types of language services, so it is impossible to detail all the different rates and fees here. For guidance:

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These terms of business are issued by Yılmaz Düzen and they form the basis on which he executes translation and related work.

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