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Anne Norton, Portuguese interpreter, reports on the ITI-LRG Interpreters’ Event

Anne Norton, Portuguese interpreter, reports on the ITI-LRG Interpreters’ Event

On a historic night for the UK’s leading umbrella body for interpreters and translators, ITI’s General Secretary Alan Wheatley and the Council’s interpreters’ representative, Yılmaz Düzen, launch the all-new Police and Court Interpreting category.

I have known Yılmaz Duzen for a number of years. As LRG Committee member representing interpreters, I know that he is tasked with organizing the eagerly-awaited ‘Interpreters’ Event’ which is held once a year. Fortunately, I have never missed one of his interpreting events as I have always found them so gripping and informative. Therefore, in early 2007, when Yılmaz informed me that he was organizing another interpreting event to coincide with the “D-Day celebrations”, I jumped at the opportunity and paid £3.00 up front to make sure I had a place.

Apparently, 6th June 2007 date was chosen as the launch pad of ITI’s new Police and Court Interpreter category.

I noticed at the very outset that there was an incredible interest as the entire lecture theatre started filling up with interpreters, translators, language professionals and even students from the Westminster University. I took my seat near the front rows and counted down the seconds to the start.

The proceedings began with Alan Wheatley, General Secretary of the ITI, and Yılmaz Duzen, the architect of the new vision, launching the ITI’s new Police & Court Interpreter (PCI) category. Each of them spoke for about 20 minutes. I found it remarkable how Alan Wheatley’s calm, cool and collected delivery was contrasted with Yılmaz Duzen’s enthusiasm, indeed contagious passion. The presentation itself was totally electric, indeed palpable. To an audience of some 90 participants Yılmaz Duzen announced: “ITI’s new Police & Court Interpreter category will see the birth of a totally new and revolutionary approach to the interpreting profession, which will radically alter the scope and aspect of our work.” Those words are still echoing in my ears today as if embedded in my memory for the rest of my life.

Then came a flood of questions, which lasted for a full hour. The interest was huge.

After a well-deserved coffee break we listened to the two speakers, Anthony Pole and Ellen Moerman who spoke about aspects of Police & Court Interpreting. Both speakers gave fascinating accounts of their work, which I personally found very educational as well as entertaining. Ellen’s talk catapulted the audience to quote her words “dreamland”. I was so proud to be an interpreter!

I had not realized that interpreters had come from all corners of the United Kingdom to attend this event. I learned that interpreters had come from as far north as Newcastle, as far west as Bristol and from all over the Midlands and Home Counties. Gosh, I was so pleased to be living in London!

My thanks goes to Yılmaz for delivering yet another magical and unforgettable event.

Portuguese Interpreter

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